Beef Jerky Combo Pack

Beef Jerky Combo Pack


This combo pack includes one of each of the following:

Peppered Beef Jerky: A traditional take on a classic flavor with ground black pepper as the star of the show.  We start with our base marinade and sprinkle black pepper over every piece to give you a true jerky flavor.

Sesame Citrus Beef Jerky: We start by infusing our marinade with orange juice, then toast sesame seeds to perfection for the finishing touch.  Our Sesame Citrus flavor is very mild and perfect for any palate.  The tangy orange juice and nuttiness from the toasted sesame seeds is a sure crowd pleaser!

Sweet Heat Jerky: Notes of brown sugar and freshly ground chili flakes make our Sweet Heat flavor our best seller. With just enough heat to let you know its there, the spice level won't overwhelm the flavor of the jerky.

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